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MC9S12A128CPVE migration question

Question asked by Mike Palmer on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Mike Palmer

We use MC9S12A128CPVE [LQFP 112 package] in a legacy product and we are running out of flash and RAM space as we add new functionality.   The [1] MC9S12A256CPVE and [2] MC9S12A512CPVE appear to have identical footprint.   Could [1] or [2] simply be mounted in place of the MC9S12A128CPVE on our legacy product, with no changes in existing binary code and no other circuit board changes, to provide a quick forward path for extending development?   It *seems* like they'd be identical, but I haven't seen specifics anywhere.   I was concerned about such things as, for example, [a] the 256 part seems to have 91 GPIOs, not 59, and [b] if the flash size changes, might the flash sector sizes change such that an erase sector command erases a different amount of mem on different chips..   Thanks in advance.