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USB DATA0/1 Toggle

Question asked by Salman Razzaq on Mar 24, 2015
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I am sending lots of data to the host on bulk IN endpoint. I noticed that after few seconds, the usb stops sending data. When I debugged it, I found out that the last three packets sent by USB are on DATA0 only. But in my code, all packets are being toggled before I sent them. Even my last packet I sent was on DATA1 which is still OWN by usb.


I read on the forum that I need to reset the Data toggling after certain amount of time. Is that right?


Here is the link. It is mentioned in point #2


Re: Bulk USB Transfers - No Interrupt?


In the usb specification, they say that we timeout and STALL the endpoint. Then the host driver will send CLEAR FEATURE for the stalled endpoint.


I just want to know is this the right way to do it. If yes, what should be the timeout period I should set.