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Use performance analysis tool, but got all results 0?

Question asked by Peter Zheng on Mar 22, 2015



I was trying to run a bareboard project on P4080DS using CodeWarrior. I need to collect data on CPC hit rate, hence I created a customized scenario for performance analysis tool. And I set up the connection accordingly. Here is the steps I follow:


(1) Set the configuration as "Start sampling events when I press "go" button".  "Stop sampling events after 10000 samples". For the rest, I just leave as default


(2) Start the profile


(3) Run the program I want to profile, I set a break point at the start of the program. It will halt at that break point


(4) Press go to start sampling events


(5) Resume the program I run


(6) After the program terminates, press "stop" button to stop sampling events.


Then, afterwards, all the events I have included shows 0. Is there anything I did wrong? Can you help me take a look.

These are the events I have selected.