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Stimuli Problems

Discussion created by Bengt-Olov Andersson on Nov 6, 2007
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I have just started to use Full Chip Simulation in CW 4.5 for MC9S12C64. Seems to work fine but I have some problems when it comes to generation of stimuli.

Is the stimulation component window the only tool available when certain ports and addresses should be set at specific time or can others like the commandfile be used??

When opening the stimulation file and then trying to execute it a window pops up giving me the following information: Feature ‘HI404050: Stimulator Component’ is running in demo mode! … What license is needed to get full functionality in the simulator??

Some addresses could not be defined. When executing my stimuli file I get this error:

Error in command:

def sciFlag = TargetObject.#34EA.B


This address exists in the map file so I can’t understand the Error.


When running to a certain BP the CPU cycle counter fluctuates from time to time. For instance these were the readings when starting after reset and stopping at some init code: 35240, 35597, 35129, and 35721. Is this something that is expected or??