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Issues in Flashing MC9S08DV32

Question asked by Ganesh H on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by takaoyamada

Operating System: Windows 7


I am having a microcontroller board from a customer which is using MC9S08DV32

which comes under HSC08 Family. From the firmware code i understood that its

been flashed with security bits enabled. I am having a PE USB Multilink Rev C

hardware for flashing and the software am using is PROGHCS08 Flash Programmer.

Is it possible to flash this controller using the PE USB Multilink and

PROGHCS08 Flash programmer when security bits are enabled. When i am trying to

connect to the hardware the software says cant communicate with target

processor, the previously flashed firmware inside the controller is working

fine. If it is possible to flash with PE USB Multilink and PROGHCS08 Flash

Programmer software please share any documents related to that.