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How can activate/enable UART3-Rx/Tx in i.MX6Q ?

Question asked by Jaymin Dabhi on Mar 10, 2015
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I have i.MX6Q and I want to connect one extra peripheral on UART which name in i.MX6-Q processor is UART3-Rx and UART3-Tx.


So please suggest me that How can I enable it or add it or activate it or test it on my board ?

Is there any setting in menuconfig or u-boot ?

And How can I check that this particular UART is activated in my system ?

I already wire out pins Rx, Tx and GND form their locations.


So please give me solution that how can I test that UART3.?

I ran below command and checked on my PC on other UART port,


echo "test" > /dev/ttymxc3

but nothing happened.


So, give solution regarding to this.


Thanks and Regards

Jaymin D