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Discussion created by Mohamed Othman on Oct 16, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2007 by Daniel Lundin
I want to put the MCU in STOP mode.
the procedure for doing that is:
1. Clear the S bit in the CCR.
2. execute STOP instruction.
my MCU is running from the PLL, the Crystal freq. is 16MHz and the Bus clock is 24Mhz.
I read from the Spec. that when the MCU is in the stop mode, it consumes very small current (less than 1mA) or even less.
but what i get on my board is total current of 25mA!
although the other ICs on the board consume all together less than 1mA.
when I put the MCU in the Stop mode, it actually goes into the stop mode, and I can see a reduction in the total current consumed, but it's far more than what the Spec. tell.
What would be the reason for such high current in Stop mode?
thanks a lot for the help..