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Kinetis K10 CPWM and Enhanced FTMEN registers

Question asked by TOM PROHASZKA on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Derek Snell

I am using a K10 72Mhz and configured it for legacy Center Aligned PWM.   This has been working fine, but I need to stop the PWM on a fault.


The first thing  I turned on the FTMEN=1 per the datasheet to allow access to the fault control options.


When FTMEN is 1, I can no longer generate a PWM.  I suspect there is some other register that needs to be tweaked to allow a reload of the duty cycle, but I can not find it.


I have tried COMBINED, SYNC and other register values, but it won't turn on.  If I manually update the C0V with a value from jtag, I do generate a PWM, but no values are ever loaded that I set programatically.


I've looked through some app notes, but even with the suggested settings, the PWM duty is never updated.


What am I missing?