Visakhan C

FFS nand flash demo fails during initialization

Discussion created by Visakhan C on Feb 23, 2015

Hi all,

   I have built MQX 3.8 FFS library and demo project for executing on an MPC5125 custom board. When I typed 'fsopen' shell command for initializing  the file system, It gets unresponsive. With printf debugging, I found that it stops right after this line in Media_init() function: (file: ffs\source\wearleveling\ddi_ldl\ddi_ldl_init.cpp)


LogicalMedia * media = new nand::Media();


The new operator does not return. So is it something related to memory allocation? I have run the MQX cplus example project without any error. Is there something specific in the FFS library or demo project that I need to change for the MPC5125 platform, like linker file settings for proper C++ operation?


Thanks for any help