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KL43Z continued drama...

Question asked by Rich Knowles on Feb 21, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Adrian Cano

Hi All,


A few hours ago I was feeling all was right with my little corner of the universe (besides a raging snowstorm) but I may have been premature in that thought.  Back then I'd actually gotten my KL43Z board working and I even was beginning to understand what it the board was doing too!


At the time, before I set this aside to do my weekend chores, I'd decided that if I could toss together a simple led flashing routine and be able to go through the full process, end to end (build, load, execute), then I could feel satisfied that I'd overcome my learning curve speed bumps.


Not long thereafter I hit another brick wall, and I'm hoping my hangup this time is just that I'm still not savvy enough to get myself out of the Freescale tech jungle just yet.


Here is the problem:  Using processor expert (and in the myriad of examples I've found), to use the on-board LED's you find the device name that the compiler libraries understand to be the LED (such as LED1 or LED_RED, or what have you) and then you find the processor expert "call" to toggle the LED perhaps just make a direct call to the LED name and turn it "on" and "off".


Unlike the KL46Z and the K22F, I cannot locate these elements within the KL43Z processor expert.  One website I found suggested it needed to be "imported" but I have already imported the KL43Z code for Eclipse.  Other pages identify a directory called "Drivers" under the SDK, but that just isn't there for the KL43Z.  Looking on these forums I see that the KL43Z does not have support with code warrior of one version or another, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm searching for something that isn't there.  I've downloaded and installed the KL43Z quick start package and various other things I've found that looked hopeful, but no joy yet.


So let me ask outright, for the KL43Z, is it necessary for me to just do all the nitty-gritty software hookups in my own code, outside of Processor expert, presumably because the KL43Z isn't fully supported?


I appreciate the help I've gotten so far, so these are just general questions to help me determine how much work I have ahead of me.