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KL25Z Free Running Timer

Question asked by Tom Tatakis on Feb 18, 2015



I am trying to get a free running timer going on the FRDM KL25Z board.  I have included the component FreeCntr32 and attached it to TPM1.  I have been unsuccessful in getting it to run as a free running counter. No matter how I configure things, it stops after the counter rolls back to 0.  In addition, the OnCounterReset event gets fired everytime I call GetTimeMS() so using that as a trigger to reset and restart the counter won't work.  The third issue I have is that the counter seems to be counting at a 1ms rate when I have configured it for 10ms (it rolls back to zero after about a minute- or 65535 msecs).  What am I missing??? I have attached the KDS project that exhibits this behavior- thanks for any help.



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