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Interfacing ov5640 MIPI Camera with imx6 sabresd

Question asked by teddy 123 on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by jimmychan

Hi Everyone,

While trying to interface 5MP MIPI (ov5640) with my custom  sabresd board running on Android JB, encountered the following problem. The changes which I made in my init.freescale.rc  didnt get reflected in the operation.


I added the following commands to my init.freescale.rc file,

setprop back_camera_name ov8825_mipi,ov5640_mipi,ov5640_camera,uvc

setprop back_camera_orient 0


insmod /system/lib/modules/ov5640_mipi.ko


But my logcat shows,

I/FslCameraHAL( 2301): Face Back Camera is 0, orient is 0

I/FslCameraHAL( 2301): Face Front Camera is 0, orient is 0


I tried all combinations of above commands within my init.freescale.rc but it didn work, Do I need to add these commands somewhere else?.

The above problem seems to be with ov5640 mipi only whereas ov8825 mipi and ov5640 paralled worked out well with the above combination.