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Create an ALSA Sound Card from an SSI on Android

Question asked by Cristian Sicilia on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hello *,


I have an IMX6 with an SSI connected to a FPGA that implement the SSI protocols.


The IMX6 receive/send from/to the FPGA an audio stream.


I would receive this stream and elaborate it before send it out to another interface, now the situation is that:


root@xxxx:/ # cat /proc/asound/cards                                
0 [wm8962audio    ]: wm8962-audio - wm8962-audio


that show an SSI connected to the codec WM8962, now I would another sound card where I can redirect the sound, like this:

root@xxxx:/ # cat /proc/asound/cards 
0 [wm8962audio    ]: wm8962-audio - wm8962-audio
 1 [fpgaaudio    ]: fpga-audio - fpga-audio


Now I configured the SSI port:


mxc_register_device(&mx6s_audio_wm8962_device, &wm8962_data);
imx6q_add_imx_ssi(1, &ssi_pdata);
//No codec available for this device

mxc_register_device(&mx6s_audio_fpga_device,  &audio_data);
imx6q_add_imx_ssi(0, &ssi_pdata);


How I can add another sound card connected with the SSI port connected to FPGA?

There are some example or evboard with this kind of configuration?