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Erase-All-Blocks is disabled or not when swap is initialized on FRDM-K64F board?

Question asked by HAIZHOU LI on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by JeffLynne

I am testing flash swap features on FRDM-K64F board.  The SIM->SDID = 0x62001348

I assume the K64F is using K64 family, but the SDID shows it is in K62 family.  I remember K64 is one of K2, which I assume it is V2.x version, right?  


base on K60 rev 1.x rev2.x unique firmware

the silicon version is 1.1.


Then refer to New Kinetis Flash SWAP mechanism

Kinetis (100MHz devices)

Rev 1.0 – old swap method

Rev 1.1 – new swap method - more robust to power loss

•  When swap system is initialized Erase-All-Blocks is disabled

•  Swap system cannot go back to uninitialized

Rev 1.2

•  Same as rev 1.1 except slight change to initialization

Rev 1.4 – swap enhancement

• Erase-All-Blocks is not disabled when swap is initialized

• Swap system can be set back to uninitialized

     (using mass erase / erase-all-blocks command)


Now, I am quite confused. Does the K64F board is using a K62 mcu? I do not want to lock my mcu when I turn on the swap feature.