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TWR-LS1021A: USB 2.0 DR Device mode and system freeze

Question asked by Chan Park on Feb 4, 2015
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I have been testing USB 2.0 DR Device mode and finally managed to get USB2 on TWR-SER2 working in device mode. (see this post for more information)


I'm seeing another problem (system freeze) when using the FSL USB2.0 UDC (USB Device Controller) and gadget driver.

It only happens when using Winusb driver on Host side.


Here is summary of what I have observed.


Case 1)

TWR-LS1021A:  g_serial.ko (gadget)

Windows PC: usbser.sys (host)


No problem in this case.  This combination works perfectly fine.

Here is a screen shot of USB Analyzer showing enumeration and data transfer are working fine. (the blue box shows data "AAAAAA\r\n" transferred from my tower board to my PC)



Case 2)

TWR-LS1021A:  g_printer.ko (gadget)

Windows PC: usbprint.sys (host)


No problem in this case too.  It works fine.

Here is a screen shot of USB Analyzer.


g_printer plus usbprint.sys.png


Case 3)

TWR-LS1021A:  g_printer.ko (gadget)

Windows PC: winusb.sys (host)


This is *not* working and the LS1021A system completely locks up.  It happens consistently.


g_printer plus winusb.sys.png


We also have a PowerQUICC (MPC8347E) based product and this combination works perfectly fine on that product.


If this is not working, I won't be able to use LS1021A on our product.


Is there any code patch or hardware workaround?