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Anyone else having Debugging Programming issues with CW 10.6 and PE Universal Multilink?

Question asked by samsaprunoff on Jan 19, 2015
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Good day All,


I was curious if anyone else is having debugging/programming issues with CW 10.6 and PE Micro's Universal Multilink with Kinetis K60 projects?  I ask, as I have been having a nasty time with this.  I was initially using KDS and had issues with the Multilink... these were eventually sorted, but had to abandon KDS for a some other issues (i.e. incremental compile programs, unable to debug some projects in RAM, etc).  I then switched back to CW 10.6 and for some basic Processor Exprt projects all worked mostly OK... I still had issues, but would start working after several attempts.  As I now work on a larger project I am having repeated connectivity issues between 10.6 and the PE Multilink... at least that is what the error dialog is saying.  To rule out the Multilink I purchased PE's Kinetis programming software and when 10.6 cannot connect to the Multilink for debugging or programming, I launch the PE Software and I can always connect, initialize, and even program the connected K60 part...  I then close this program and try debugging, programming, etc and I get the error that "The Debugger can not connect to the PE Device...".  Just to ensure that it was not my hardware, I use Freescale's K60 Tower board and I get the same issue.   If I use an older version of CW (i.e. 10.2) I do not seem to have this issue...  I suppose could simply use 10.2, but would prefer to use the latest tools if possible.  For me there seems to something amiss with CW 10.6 and the Multilink... Has anyone else had this issue and if so did you ever resolve it?


Thanks in advance!