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Tabbed browsing and other wanted features for CW for HC(S)08

Discussion created by Robert Ouellette on Oct 4, 2007
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A few things I would like to see in Codewarrior for HC(S)08:

- Tabbed browsing
- when you right-click on a function (or variable) and select "go to definition of xyz", it would be nice to have a "return to previous position" that will allow you to go back to where you jumped from
- integrated simulation/debugging from within the editor (i.e. not starting a separate application in order to debug)
- setting breakpoints in the source code that automatically set them in the debugger/simulator

Most of these are standard in other IDEs, and it's hard to use Codewarrior once you've used these features.  Is there any place for a "features wishlist"?

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