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KL03 SysTick Timer in IAR vs. KDS 2.0

Question asked by michaelsteffenfae Employee on Jan 10, 2015
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Using a FRDM-KL03Z board, and
programming the attached code in IAR and KDS, I get different results.


In IAR, red led flashes at exactly 100ms.

In KDS, red led flashes at exactly 200ms.


I checked everywhere where I could find a clock divide/2 and nothing.  I’m using the HIRC (48MHz), and
I can’t find any divide/2 except in OUTDIV1.


The Systick timer uses the core clock, which is not being divided down from the OUTDIV1 register.  The
memory location 0x04D, that controls the value at reset, is at 0x3D in IAR and KDS.



What am I missing?



Michael Steffen





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