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Real Time Clock doesn't work on imx6 Dual Lite

Question asked by jordan guillot on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by jordan guillot

Hi community,


I am trying to use Real Time Clock on a imx6 Dual Lite based board.

The setup is the following:

rootfs built with yocto master-next, image based on fsl-image-multimedia and linux kernel is 3.10.31 BETA.


I activated the RTC support in linux kernel (Device Drivers → Real Time Clock → Freescale SNVS RTC support), and now, I have a "rtc and "rtc0" in /dev.


My issue:

-I use a ntp server to set system clock

-"hwclock -w" to set the RTC

-I unplug board supply.

-Wait 5 min

-I plug board supply

-RTC and system clock have the same hour but they aren't at the right hour.


Could you help me, please?


Merry Christmas,