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How to configure pad control register before reset config will be activated

Question asked by Denis Leuthold on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by igorpadykov


I've a custom board with an i.mx6DL and I've a GPIO line, connected to the reset pin of a second controller.

This second controller don't have to see an uncontrolled reset (high) signal on this line from the imx.

The default/reset configuration of the imx of this pad have enabled a 100kOhm pull up.


At first I've tried to setup the pad control register at board_early_init_f function! This function is called after 75ms after POR!

Then I've tried to setup a pull down in dcd header during lowlevel_init. This shorten the high time at this pad to 20ms (after POR)!


But is there another possibility to configure this IO pad before the pull up is connected to the pad?


(The imx is booting from internal nand flash. And U-Boot 2013.07 is launching... )


If anyone can help me please?