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What and where is the kernel to use with iMX6 ?

Question asked by AURELIEN BOUIN on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by AURELIEN BOUIN


I am kinda lost with all the kernel available for iMX6 ...

I don't find any note saying what is the kernel to use for iMX6...

There is so many git repository ...

->git:// (so many branch on it ...)

->git:// (so many branch on it ...)



I am really wondering if actually the best kernel to use could be : git://


Because even the ESAI driver seems to have the best implementation on !!!


It could be so interresting to have a note some where describing which kernel to use ... and what is the purpose of any branch and git repository ...


Thank you ...


Aurelien BOUIN