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CodeWarrior Error measuring IR length

Question asked by Martin Olsson on Dec 12, 2014
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I'm currently trying to debug a MVME2502 with a CodeWarrior TAP but unfortunatly I am having some problems.

While using CodeWarrior Development Studio I get the error message:




JTAG Diagnostics


Starting Power at Probe test...

Test result: PASSED


Starting IR Scan test...

Error measuring IR length




And then the debugging quits.

In your manual (CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture Processors Targeting Manual) I read that:

The error might be due to one or more of the following reasons:


• TRST stuck low: This may hold the target JTAG logic in reset, preventing any shifts

to occur.

• TMS disconnected or stuck: This may prevent the target from making any JTAG

state changes.

• TCK disconnected or stuck: This may prevent any state changes or clocking of data.

• TDI disconnected or stuck: This may prevent the test pattern data from getting into

the target.

• TDO disconnected or stuck: This may prevent the test pattern data from getting out

of the target.


If the test fails, then it is possible that there is a physical connection problem with the

JTAG pins, or the JTAG frequency is too high.




So i checked the conector and its working fine. I also asked Artesyn about their manual having an error (the

TDI and TDO on the COP Connector had switch places) and they replied that it was a simple missprint.

I also verified my JTAG frequency in CodeWarrior Development Studio running at 10230kHz. So hopefully

it's not the frequency running to high.


So now I'm at a loss here, I don't really know what to do next.


If I have forgotten any vital information about my setup just ask.