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How to flash FXTH870XX (TPMS sensor)

Question asked by sunrme on Dec 4, 2014
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I try to program flash on FXTH870XX sensor, but have failed.

How I understand I have 2 ways, use USBDM (I have like this) in codeWarrior or in HCS08 Programmer.

In first way I don't have any idea what to do, ho to integrate it.

In second way I try to use HCS08 Programmer (I installed USBDM_4_10_6_80_Win). And on the tab (Target) I have to choose my device, but I can't find it (FXTH870XX). When I click Detect chip, target try detect, but then show "no matching device". So for this reason, I can't program flash.

flash programmer.png

So please help me, what I do wrong, or how to connect my USBDM adapter to the codeWarroir.