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Try to use the RTC Component in the TWR-K70F120M

Question asked by Armando DIAS on Nov 25, 2014
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I want to use the RTC Component.

I have TWR-K70F120M add i use with KDS and PE to generate the software.


I don't know about the 2 parameters that i can put in the function RTC1_GetTime()  [void RTC1_GetTime(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_RTC_TTime *TimePtr)]


See below my source code in the main file :


  /* Write your local variable definition here */

    LDD_RTC_TTime Heure_Courante;


  /*** Processor Expert internal initialization. DON'T REMOVE THIS CODE!!! ***/


  /*** End of Processor Expert internal initialization.                    ***/


  /* Write your code here */

  for(;;) {


      RTC1_GetTime(RTC1_TDeviceData, &Heure_Courante); // Lecture de l'heure




Could you help me?

Thank you.