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Capacitor for MMPF0100 VINREFDDR pin.

Question asked by Satoshi Shimoda on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by igorpadykov

Hi community,


Our partner have a question about MMPF0100 connection.

Pelase see Table 4 of MMPF0100 datasheet (Rev.9.0).

It explains about VINREFDDR as following.


VREFDDR regulator input. Bypass with at least 1.0 uF decoupling

capacitor as close to the pin as possible.



However, in MCIMX6DQ-SDP schematics (SPF-27392_C3.pdf), the capacitance for VINREFDDR is less than 1.0 uF since two 0.1 uF capacitors are connected in series.

And 1.0 uF is connected to VREFDDR instead of VINREFDDR.


Which is correct?



Best Regards,

Satoshi Shimoda