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Booting Linux in less than one second on i.MX platform...

Question asked by Jean-Pierre Poulin on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Jean-Pierre Poulin

Hello Freescale gurus!


I was impressed to read in a BeagleBone forum that several Linux boot-time experts were able to get from cold-boot to user-space in less than one second on the i.MX6


To learn the recipe they used, see my original post is in this - Forums   (Linux sub-forum, post of the same name... cannot obtain direct URL)


Part of the reason why people have been able to boot so quickly is because the level of sophistication in the i.MX6 ROM bootloader is capable of loading & executing the Linux kernel directly... thereby passing bootloaders such as u-Boot / barebox.


Unfortunately, the i.MX6 is overkill for our cost-sensitive application.  My question is: which member of the i.MX family have this 'sophisticated ROM bootloader' that is conducive to ultra-fast Linux boot times?


Many thanks for taking the time to help me out!