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Why isn't Kinetis SDK checkbox selectable?

Question asked by Andrew Lentvorski on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by Andrew Lentvorski

Just getting started on a new project.  I can power and connect to my board using J-Link Commander and recognize my K20.  Great.  I'll just create a blink LED and be on my way.




So I download Kinetis Design Studio 1.1.1 and fire it up.


Um, it can't find the Kinetis SDK.  So, I downloaded 500 freakin' megabytes and something is still missing?  Really.


But anyway, so I download the Kinetis SDK.  And install it.


Make new project.  Still can't find the SDK.  Okayyyyy.  Read the release notes.  Oh, so I have to install the SDK and then tell Eclipse where it is.  Fine.


Install new software.  Install KSDK 1.0.0-GA.  Great it's installed.


Make new project.  It *STILL* can't find the SDK.


Anybody have suggestions?  Am I missing the Kinetis Design Studio for N00bs from somewhere?  Does that checkbox just not work?