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Freescale Support of this forum - (Or lack of)

Discussion created by David Payne on Sep 23, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2007 by David Payne
It seems to me that although this forum has the most posts, the most participation and the least un-responded to enquiries, when expert official support is occassionally required it is not forthcoming. The far greater majority of queries in this forum are eventually answered by the many independant experts that seem to regularly patrol it. However on the rare occasions when this does not work out, there seems to be no system in place to bring it to the attention of Freescale support to finally resolve it.
Whilst I realise that that official support is not guaranteed here, it seems to be almost missing apart from a few experts in their "pet" subjects such as Pavel, Rocky etc.
I quote this from the announcements section at the front page of the forums:
"Freescale Support monitors these forums to provide answers and take your feedback."
Two more recent threads that I offer as evidence are:
With the first, one would think that it would be in Freescale's interest to clear this up as the only conclusion that future readers can glean from this discussion is that the IIC module doesn't work very well at all and that Freescale appears not to care!
The second example has little future benefit as it ends with what I would say are four fairly knowledgeable participants dissagreeing on the actual operation of the discussed issue (2 to 2!).
For many at Freescale privy to the exact inner workings of this device the answer is a plain and simple Yes or No, but we are all left to wonder.......