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I.MX28 Custom HW hangs at power initialization

Question asked by Joel Krawcyzk on Nov 7, 2014

I am having trouble bringing up my custom board based on the i.MX28 EVK. I have inserted print functions in the boot code to see where it fails. I'm using sb_loader to boot from USB. it hangs after PowerPrep_Init4p2Regulator(); line 725 in power_prep.c

My hardware follows the VDD5V only setup as outlined in AN4199

We have unmarked NO_DCDC_BATT_SOURCE and marked out NO_VDD_SOURCE in power_prep.c

Question 1: Are there other code changes that I need to make to support VDD5V only configuration?

Question 2: I notice that I have left the TESTMODE pin C10 floating. Is this a likely cause of the hang? I have marked this line to be tied low for the next PCB revision.

Attached are my power_prep.c and hardware checklist

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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