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connecting to http server over internet  (Public IP address of ISP)

Question asked by vallinath s on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by vallinath s

Please can anybody put the limelight how can we access the private LAN on internet ,

webserver implemented on the card . and webpages are mounted on the SD card


a)Card having K60 with ethernet port on private LAN with IP: Port:80 acess the webpages the link used http:

b)Wifi router is available on which Internet connection is available(ISP) connectivity to outer world.The card is connected to the router .

c) Now in the router added the virtual route to forward the public IP adress port 80 to private LAN .


In private LAN we are able to reach the card http:


But how to get access the card using the pubilc network that is threw internet . Please let me know anyother configuration to be made on the card to reach to outer world.