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MK10DX256xxx7 start up problem with Kinetis Design Studio

Question asked by LALUQUE Thibaut on Oct 20, 2014
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I'm working under Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.1 and I'm trying to program a Kinetis MK10DX256VLK7 device with the PEmicro U-Multilink.


My project is compiling successfully and I can load the code on the target. But when I'm trying to run the code, the processor don't move out from the reset handler.


The start-up code is executing the reset_handler but when the instruction to branch program to the main function is executed (bl 0x440 <_start>) the processor restarts the reset_handler at the beginning.


When the reset handler is restarted I can see with my oscilloscope that the reset line of the MCU is pulled up and when device is trying to branch to 0x440 the reset line is pulled down.


When I import my source files under a CCS project, it's working correctly. The only differences between CCS and KDS project is the linker file and the startup code file.


Did someone already encounter this problem ? Any idea to solve this issue ?


Thanks for your help.