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how to display OpenGLES UI on video

Question asked by Wang YanQing on Sep 29, 2014
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I need to display UI based on OpenGLES on video, below is my configuration:


hdmi==>/dev/fb2 (BG) /dev/fb3(FG)

        ==>/dev/video17 /dev/video18



I config fb2 and fb3 to make them have the same resolution, and make in-pixel alpha blending work,

then I display UI on fb3, and use mfw_v4lsink to display video on /dev/video17, everything works well

except, mfw_v4lsink will blank HDMI when start to play a new song every time,  because  fb2 is primary

channel, and mfw_v4lsink will blank /dev/fb2.


I want to know how to fix it , or is there a workaround????


It is very strange I can't find the answer on Internet,  don't many people have such desired to draw UI on video?




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