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iMX6 - GPT - linux kernel 3.2.26 not start

Question asked by wen di on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by wen di

Hi everybody


     recently I'm trying to run linux 3.2.26 on board ,but it hangs at

[0.000183] Calibrating delay loop...


     GPT may set incorrectly

     so I print the message of GPT registers

[0.000000] start_kernel: Control Register 0x749
[0.000000] start_kernel: Prescaler Register 0x7000
[0.000000] start_kernel: Status Register 0x0
[0.000000] start_kernel: Interrupt Register 0x1
[0.000000] start_kernel: Output Compare Register 1 0xEB348
[0.000000] start_kernel: Output Compare Register 2 0xFFFFFFFF
[0.000000] start_kernel: Output Compare Register 3 0xFFFFFFFF
[0.000000] start_kernel: Input Capture Register 1 0x0
[0.000000] start_kernel: Input Capture Register 2 0x0

0.000000] start_kernel: Counter Register 0x148B9

set the GPT Interrupt Register (GPT_IR) Output Compare Channel 1 interrupt is enabled

the Status Register value should be 0x1 ,but it still 0x0 .

if I  set the same value on linux 3.0.35 it can run coorectly

the same clock src and Interrupt Register set why course the different appearance?

What can I do to make the kernel run corrrectly ?