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FRDM K64F KDS PE UART clock settings

Question asked by Jean Viaene on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by Alice_Yang

Dear Community,


I am trying to setup a project that uses an RTOS within the KDS.

Here are the KDS and PE versions:


and KSDK used is 1.0.0.


I create a brand new project with the following steps:


For the last step, I decide to include Processor Expert, so I can add some of the components (like an RTOS):



The project is created, however with warnings:


Now, I wonder why I get warnings about conflicts when I start a brand new project. How can I clean that up ?


Next, I want to add an RTOS to my project. So in the Hardware perspective, I click on the "Components Library" tab and select the MQX_KSDK under "Operating Systems". By the way, I couldn't possibly see a way to add FreeRTOS at this stage. Why ?



At this stage, I have new errors showing up in the "Problems" tab:


Now where do these errors about UART and clock setting come from, and how can I fix it ?


Kind regards,