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MQX 4.1.1 and the FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Bill Demas on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2014 by Bill Demas

Hello all:


I've been trying to get a handle on getting MQX 4.1.1 working with the FRDM-K64F, CodeWarrior 10.6, and Processor Expert. I've successfully made a clone of the 'frdmk64f' BSP by working around the BSP cloning wizard bug   MQX 4.1.1 BSP Cloning Wizard bug and fix (globals_full.yml not found) and have no trouble in copying the build library .wsd file into CodeWarrior and building MQX. When I look at the the cloned BSP project, Its Processor Expert Components view shows only this:



What concerns me is that the the processor is not the processor that is on the Freedom board. If I use the Processor Expert Component Inspector to change the processor from

'MK64FN1M0VLQ12 in LQFP 144-pin package' to the appropriate 'MK64FN1M0VLL12 in LQFP 100-pin package' and generate Processor Expert components, the compilation of the BSP project will fail due to errors that seem to be because of conflicts between Processor Expert generated code and the code in the 'bsp_cm.c' file.


Am I doing something incorrectly here? WHat I'd like to do is use the BSP project with Processor Expert so that I can add/configure components for our custom MK64FN1M0VLL12-based board.