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Change I2c address

Question asked by Ricardo Cazetta Menzer on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by nikivendola

Hi! I'm using CodeWarrioir with PE to program a HCS08 microcontroller.

It's a fan controller and it will comunicate with the rest of System over a I2C bus as a Slave device.

For the address, I need to read some GPIO to see what is its position on a back plane. Therefore, I need to set the I2C address on-the-fly.


Looking at the ProcessorExpert windows, I didn't see an obvious way to do that. The only option I see is the "Slave address" property, wich appears to be static after the build.


My question is if there's an easy way to set the I2C Slave address of a I2C component by software, after the code starts running.

If there's not a easy way, what is the hard way I should go to get this working?


The about screen shows:

CodeWarrior Development Studio

Version: 1.0.0

Build Id: b15_2105-A22


Thank you!