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Boot Configuration Select

Question asked by Murat Ünal on Aug 13, 2014
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I am preparing a schematic which includes imx6 DualLite. I want to ask a question about Boot Configuration Selection.

In Sabre board, when BootMode0 = 0 and BootMode1 = 1, CPU decides Boot Config registers which are delegated from GPIO pins (EIM interface pins). I won't use EIM interface. I will put the same dipswitch (SW6) like SABRE. I don't want to put all series, pull down and pull up resistors like SABRE. My questions are:

* Are these series resistors (4.7K) necessary? I think this resistors are not necessary when I don't use EIM interface? Am I right?

* In SABRE board, BT_CFG3 and BT_CFG4 pins are pulled down via series resistors (4.7K) and 10K resistors. If I don't use these pins, can I connect them directly to the GND or left open? If yes, which one is more meaningful?