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Force usb flash drive to connect with 1.1 (low speed) instead of usb 2?

Question asked by Nathan Kohler on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by soledad

Is it possible to force USB devices to connect at low speed instead of USB 2?  I am trying to debug an issue where my USB flash drive randomly detaches (happens about once every 24 hours when writing to it every 100ms).  I've noticed that older flash drives seem to work for days.  I am using MQX 4.1 with an MCF52259.


Also, an independent question.  I've noticed that older flash drives seem to mount MFS directly over the flash drive (bypassing the partition manager), whereas newer flash drives mount MFS over the partition manager, even though both drives are formatted identically with FAT16.  Any idea why this occurs?  I've tried mounting MFS directly overtop the newer flash drives, but I get an error telling me that it isn't a valid DOS partition.