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Information on the release date for the final version (or beta with integrated USB support)

Question asked by Konke Radlow on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Erich Styger

I'm in the stage of evaluation some microprocessors and tools for a new product design and have been playing around with the Kinetis Design Studio (on Linux) and the Processor Expert integrated Kinetis SDK support and the Kinetis SDK standalone on a FRDM K64F board and am almost convinced by the solution.


Most of the functionality required for the product is already supported / integrated into Processor Expert but I'm missing USB support. I've been able to get a virtual serial connection over USB up and running by building the static USB library from the SDK manually and linking the library into my KDS project, but the process is a bit cumbersome and still needs a fair amount of work to integrate the USB stack properly into the SDK and FreeRTOS.


Since more than a month has passed since the beta release of the KDS and more than three month since the beta release of the KSDK presumably a lot of the work that I will have to do was already done by someone else. I was wondering if there are any plans for a second beta release or a RC before the official release "late summer 2014" that could safe me from doing the integration by myself.