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How to connect 3.5 inch RGB LCD with i.MX6 Quad by use of TTL pins???

Question asked by Jaymin Dabhi on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by Yuri Muhin

Hello All,


I have LCD 6 bits RGB, 39 pins and I want to connect it with i.Mx6 Q use of Wand Board Quad..


I want to interface LCD with processor, and my LCD is RGB type 6 bits, 39 pins.
Also suggest me that where could I connect LCD control pins i.e. HSYNC, VSYNC, RESETB etc. with processor ???


There are 4 expansion headers on Wand Board Q, apart of therm one of header has TTL pins from 0 to 23 which connected to processor internally and one header has some control pins i.e. DSS_VSYNC, DSS_HSYNC etc.... which connected to processor at DISP0_CLK, DISP0_HSYNC, DISP0_VSYNC etc..


so main thing is that could I use this all pins (on JP1 and JP2) for interface my 39 pins, 6 bits RGB LCD ????

So please give any one suggest me that which pins of processor are support the RGB LCD connections and would there any driver or any type of converter needed for it to connect RGB LCD with processor by use of TTL pins (DISP0_DAT0 to DISP0_DAT23 and control pins) ????


Thanks in advance



Jaymin D