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Secure Zigbee pro communication with MC1322x devices

Question asked by Marisa Catalan on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

I have tried to established a secure Zigbee Pro connection between a KW21D256 device and  some old MC13224 devices I own.

I have checked that everything is well configured to support security (standard security enabled, same network and link (not used) keys, same channel, same Extended PANID, adequate Zigbee library (ZxRsRNPSp2) ).

The code is the one for a Blackbox image, without modifications. The MC13224 is configured as coordinator and the KW21D256 as router.


I have used a sniffer to analyze what occurs in the network. The association process begins correctly. However, once the association process is performed, the router device leaves the network.


I have done the same test without security and everything goes fine. Thus, I assume that the communication problem is caused by the negotiation of communication. But, I can't find which is the problem, since the security configuration of both devices is the same.


Is there any known compatibility problem between both products when security is enabled? Can anybody provide me a hint about how to configure the devices in order to communicate?