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BAM (Boot Assist Module) issue on MPC5554

Question asked by Buz Razvan on Sep 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by superthh
I am trying to use BAM for MPC5554 on a application built MPC board. I am trying to load an flash boot loader into RAM, then use it to load my application into the flash. If I load the FBL via JTAG/Nexus it works perfectly. If I use BAM (via CAN), I manage to download the toolbox(FBL) into RAM, but when the toolbox is executed (I toggle a pin, so I know for sure that it is executed) I get ErrorFrames on CAN and after some time the controller is reset. I have no clue why. :smileysad:
I know it is very unlikely that someone would know exactly what my problem is, that is why I am asking if anyone knows where I could find some examples/instruction/advices on how to use BAM on a MPC55xx controller. (I have the controller user manual, so that won't help me to much) Of course, some code would be nice, if possible :smileyhappy: Maybe someone run into this kind of a problem before.
Thank you in advance,