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USBDM Clock and ICS Clock Trimming

Question asked by iansmusical on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by iansmusical

Hello All,


Up until recently I used a DEMOQE8 board but somehow the onboard P&E interface has died (posting on Freescale 8 bit forum), so I switched to my USBDM.

Has anyone successfully used the trim feature on the Connection tab of the USBDM Properties page? I've been trying to set 32.768KHz but the trim value that appears to be generated is 0x0.

On the DEMOQE8 board I was able to trim the internal clock within a debug session with ICSTRM = NVICSTRM without any problems but if I do the same thing via the USBDM it loses the connection and has to restart. Is there an option I have to set? (I realise a BDM will set the trim register to 0x80 but it should be able to be changed?)