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Looking for some Help with K70/MQX/ADC/DAC/DMA/PDB

Question asked by Mark Robinson on Jul 11, 2014
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I am looking for some help with a project, I am new to MQX/CW and working on my first design. I am now struggling and behind schedule and looking for some help.....

I have a system level design and currently have several demo software for ADC and DAC for the Tower/K70. I have the DAC demo task triggered from the PDB(2.5us) and the ADC demo task capturing the signal. However I need to add a DMA to the DAC to control the output signal from an array and a DMA from the ADC into 2 buffer arrays. I am struggling with controlling the ADC to capture the DAC signal at the right phase (ADC taking 2x5 samples for each DAC signal step) and set up both the DMA and associated buffer flow control and interrupts. The module need to run independent of scheduled tasks, just write to the DAC signal buffer and read the two ADC buffers.

Does anyone have a good working example code for DMA/ADC and DMA/DAC with PDB triggering (ADC delay triggered).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

best regards