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Debugger not showing external SRAM contents

Question asked by Renjith Vamanan on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by Renjith Vamanan

Hi All


We are using K60F128M CPU with external SRAM interfaced at address 0x60000000.

SRAM is working properly and I am able to store and retrieve values from the program.

But when trying to see the values loaded on SRAM in the memory view of  debugger, it just shows "?????".

Then, I modified the memory configuration file(.mem) as below to match our setup.

After that when I try to start debugging its getting timed out saying "Debugger has lost connection to the target".


Any idea about how to solve this ?


// All reserved ranges read back 0xBABA...

reservedchar 0xBA

usederivative "MK60F15"


//         Memory Map:

//         ----------------------------------------------------------------------


range      0x00000000 0x000FFFFF 4 ReadWrite    // 1024KB Code Flash

reserved   0x00100000 0x13FFFFFF

range      0x14000000 0x14003FFF 4 ReadWrite    // 16KB Programming accelleration RAM

reserved   0x14004000 0x1FFEFFFF

range      0x1FFF0000 0x1FFFFFFF 4 ReadWrite    // 64KB On chip SRAM (TCML)

range      0x20000000 0x2000FFFF 4 ReadWrite    // 64KB On chip SRAM (TCMU)

reserved   0x20010000 0x21FFFFFF

range      0x22000000 0x221FFFFF 4 ReadWrite    // Aliased to TCMU SRAM bitband

reserved   0x22200000 0x3FFFFFFF

range      0x60000000 0x6001FFFF 4 ReadWrite    // Flexbus for external memory

reserved   0x60020000 0xDFFFFFFF                      // Flexbus for external memory

reserved   0xE0100000 0xFFFFFFFF