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MD5 of MMCAU in K60

Question asked by CaesarI on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by martinpi

Hi folks,


I tried to use MD5 with MMCAU library for K60 in MQX 3.8. Result: the hashes are not the same as we can calculate with our C# application and online calculators like MD5 - Online generator md5 hash


Our K60 has mask set 4N30D (Version1).


My questions:

Why did I got no valid hashes?

Does anybody use MD5 of MMCAU?


Are there any hints or tips you have?


our code fragments:


unsigned char passphrase2[64]= "1234567890"; // there may by a 64 byte string

unsigned char key[16];


     cau_md5_hash_n(passphrase, 1, key);

     // now key should be the md5 hash, but it is'nt



Thanks in advance,