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Question asked by Vignesh Vasudevan on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Jorge Ramirez

Hello there,


We are using MMPF0100F0EP to power the I.MX6Q processor in one of our applications. Request your help with these queries


Q1) We understand that if we are buying F0 variant (pre-programmed device) then we need not do anything more to configure the device. Say, once we power on the PMIC, it will start generating all voltage rails in sequence and levels as instructed in the pre-program. So, no efforts are required from the device driver perspective. Let us know whether our understanding is correct.


Q2) In case we get to practice Adaptive Voltage Scaling in our application whereby we will be enabling and disabling few output rails during run time to optimize the power consumption, then, we understand that this activity can be done using the I2C connection with our host, I.MX6Q But it is mentioned that the memory inside PMIC is One Time Programmable and in our case as we are utilizing the pre-programmed F0 variant. In this regard, kindly explain how we can practice Adaptive Voltage Scaling.