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When I compile my source code for S12X processor, the compiler is creating calls to PPAGE at the old S12 address

Question asked by STEVE LEWIS on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by STEVE LEWIS


I am in the process of moving a project over from an MC9S12A256 processor to MC9S12XS256

When I was debugging the code, it crashed when there was a call to a banked page of memory (from unbanked)

Looking at the assembler code, it is loading the banked page number into address 0x30. This was the address of the PPAGE register on the MC9S12A256.

On the MC9S12XS256 the PPAGE register is stored at address 0x15.

I have checked and the project target CPU in the Compiler settings is  -CpuHCS12X

Somehow, the compiler is losing track of the fact that it is compiling for the S12X series.

Is there a #pragma or keyword I can use at the start of the source code file to force/remind the compiler that it is compiling for the S12X.


I would appreciate any suggestions please as I am under a lot of time pressure.


Many thanks