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How to enter wait mode

Question asked by Pascal Schroeer on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2014 by Pascal Schroeer

Hi at all,


First of all my facts:

I'm using CW V.1.5 (without PEX), to program a MK20DX128 (50MHz)

Now my Problem:

I develop a battery powered device which runs a lot of time but only works

a few minutes per day. So I would like to force the device into a wait or

sleep mode. The problem is that I need the UART receive interrupt

to wake up the device. I do all my calculations in interrupts, so my main loop

is empty.


At the moment I try to force the device into wait mode immediately

when I arrive the main loop.








How can I check if the device is in wait mode? Is there a special register?


Is there another sleep register which fits to my problem?



Thanks a lot!