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Debugging U-boot on iMX6

Question asked by M G on Jun 5, 2014
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I would like to know what options are available for source level debugging of U-boot for the iMX6 processor (Quad or Solo).

I have a custom board using iMX6S and the design for this board is based on the Sabre SD reference board which uses iMX6Q.

To begin with, I would like to setup the environment to debug U-boot for the Sabre SD board.

I can then use this as the basis for setting up the debug environment for my custom board.


Here is my current setup:

- Reference board used: Sabre SD board - MCIMX6Q SDB

- Kernel version: LTIB Linux 3.0.35

- U-boot version: 2009.08

I have a bootable SD card that has all the binaries (U-boot, kernel and rootfs) and I can bring up the Sabre board with these binaries.


So now, I would like to modify U-boot for my custom board and hence would like to have a debugging environment that allows for single stepping.

Has anyone tried using J-link? If yes, what was the setup (use Eclipse for building U-boot and then use JTAG for debugging)?

Any pointers here will be very helpful.